12 of the best Jill Biden style moments

If it's about the style of our upcoming First Lady Jill Biden One thing is for certain: she's not Melania and we believe that in the most effective way that is possible. Her style is the return to normality in the white house. Her style is stunning However, she prefers fashionable clothes with a purpose, rather than excessively glam designer duds.

Honestly, her lack of obsessiveness about fashion and brands is the reason she's endearing for us. She loves bright and colorful outfits, adorable accessories, and well-dressed clothes. These are the things that make her a woman who is both a teacher and a working mother. She is the epitome of class, but she also represents being grounded and practical. She is the ideal role model for women around the globe.

1. This blond beauty doesn't get dressed up very often however, when she does she is gorgeous. Blond beauty doesn't like to get all gushy but when she does she looks stunning. We refer to it as confident and bold. Some people called it "flashy" however that was for a politician’s wife.