10 Amazing Octopus Information Straight from an Octopus Heself

Well, hello again! In normal situations, I would be responsible for the writing of my own articles. But today is different because I am adamant, ladies and gentlemen I'm here with an incredibly unique guest, an octopus, who was able to swim in from the sea to provide you on his personal life! First, I'd like to say that I've put octopuses under notice as I don't want to be a part of the fact that they're extravagant arm-hoarders. Seriously. What is the reason they have more than they do, while snails and snakes with arms got the same treatment? But I'm willing be open and possibly add octopuses as "friends". Let's see how it goes. Take it away, Mr. Octopus.

1. Three of Hearts

We don't believe that having just one heart is enough for those who are Knuckleheads. We bought three hearts: two small heart-like vessels close to the gills which enrich the blood with oxygen before it is transferred to our larger heart, which pumps this fresh blood throughout our bodies.